Two Rivers HOA Wetlands Area

The Association owns and is responsible for several acres of beautiful lands adjoining the South Channel of the Boise River. The area has been officially designated as a wetlands area by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The area includes a remote trail and provides ample opportunity for viewing wild life, fishing and enjoying the area.

Because of the acres of ponds and proximity to the river, Two Rivers HOA is constantly vigilant regarding the upkeep and protection of its waterways.

In fall 2009 ponds were manicured to keep weeds under control. Our ponds are now visible for all to enjoy; the weeds are under fairly good control; and our ponds should be beautiful all summer.

Our contractors are balancing treatment of the ponds to protect their ecology while making them easily accessible and enjoyable for residents. Treatments rendered are to kill milfoil and other pondweed. Algae is typically a problem in June, July, and August because of the warmer temperature and stagnation and is addressed year-round. Our Pond Committee treats our ponds, taking into consideration the health of our wildlife, fish, crustaceans, and insects.

In addition to the effect of our treatments on our own waterways, what we do at Two Rivers affects other waterways.

We ask homeowners to always be cognizant of our ponds and help in the following ways:

  1. LITTER: Avoid littering and pick up litter when possible.
  2. FERTILIZER & TREATMENTS: Please do not fertilize any of the common area grasses or trees without permission from the Landscape Committee or Pond Committee. Fertilizers end up in the ponds if spread too close to their edges. Enough fertilizer reaches common areas from owner lawns adjacent to the ponds. Do not treat ponds for algae.
  3. POOLS: Please do not empty any chlorinated water (from spas or swimming pools) into any gutter or on your lawns. All of our culverts drain into our ponds.
  4. VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: Take care in washing cars to avoid spillage of detergent and oils that end up as a sheen of oils and soaps on the water of our ponds.
  5. FISHING: Please enjoy fishing Two Rivers.

Common Area Tree Removal

We are writing Two Rivers homeowners to give you information and reminders regarding common area trees in Two Rivers, how the Two Rivers Board is addressing them and how you may address them if you have concerns about common area trees that seem to be negatively affecting your property.

Who is in charge of Common Area Trees: The Two Rivers Board is charged with managing all common areas and common area trees. There is no requirement that the Board be granted permission or give notice to remove, replace, prune or treat common areas or a common area trees. Read more....

Notice: We do want owners to be informed, so, although not required, in the future the management company will post information regarding major tree removal, treatment and/or pruning projects. If you see significant activity in a common area near you and are curious as to what is happening, please check the Two Rivers website for the latest information. Individual letters may be sent in selected situations to those homeowners who are directly impacted.

Common Area Tree Removal